BCA2016 abstracts wanted: Would you publish this?

By | January 26, 2016

It’s not too late to contribute to our discussion session “Would You Publish This?” at the BCA Spring Meeting in Nottingham. You only need 1-3 slides and you can submit up to 2 weeks before the meeting depending availability. Simply send an email to the chairs Pascal Parois or Jorge Sotelo.

Following last year’s success, this interactive session of unusual format is aimed for discussing problematic crystal structures that can be hard to interpret and publish. After an opening talk on the challenge of publishing difficult structures, anyone present can briefly describe one or more structural results that raise the session title question for the audience to discuss, with the aim of constructive rather than negative criticism. Problems might include charge imbalance or other chemical issues, poor resolution or data completeness, complicated disorder, highly restrained models, unexplained residual electron density and other artefacts, etc. A formal abstract is not required, but please contact the session organisers in advance of the meeting (as soon as possible!) if you wish to contribute; we will request 1–3 slides for concatenation into a single session presentation. Contributions from Young Crystallographers are particularly encouraged.

Session details:
12.00 – 13.30 Would you publish this? [CCG + YCG]
Keynote: Iain Oswald (University of Strathclyde) “Pharmaceuticals… I thought they were meant to make you feel better!?!”
Chairs: Pascal Parois (Oxford) and Jorge Sotelo (Edinburgh)

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