AGM April 2015 (minutes)

Minutes of the YCG AGM 2015
4th April 2015, University of York

Committee members present:

  • Scott McKellar (SM),
  • Claire Hobday (CH),
  • Nick Funnell (NF),
  • Jorge Sotelo (JS),
  • Lucy Saunders (LS),
  • Sam Horrell (SH),
  • Jerome Wicker (JW),
  • Pascal Parois (PP).

1. Formalities

1.1.      Acceptance of agenda

Accepted by Andrew Maloney (AM), seconded by SH.

1.2.      Apologies for absence

Kate Wittering (KW), Anneke Klapwijk (AK), Anna Polyakova (AP).

1.3.      Minutes of the YCG AGM 2014

Accepted by SH seconded by JS.

1.4       Matters arising


2. Reports

2.1.      Chairman’s report (SM)

This year the YCG managed to procure £1000 from the grand network challenge headed by Prof Paul Raithby, this donation was used provide bursaries for early career researchers (ECR) to attend the BCA. The BCA currently offers bursaries to post graduate students to attend the BCA, however PDRAs are not eligible for this funding, so this year we have four ECRs present at the Spring Meeting who have won these bursaries worth £250 each.

At this year’s AGM there are a number of posts up for nomination.  Nick Funnell steps down as our vice chair having spent a number of years on the committee.  I’m sure on behalf of myself and the rest of the committee that we would all in agree in thanking Nick for all his hard work and efforts over the past few years.  He has made a fantastic contribution to the committee and without all her support we wouldn’t have been as successful as we have.  AP is stepping down as BSG rep, and KW and LS have reached the end of their term as Ordinary Members.  All have put in huge efforts to the committee and we really appreciate all their hard work over the last few years.  A final big thank you to Anna Warren who had been co-opted for a year after retiring as chair.  She did a great job in aiding with a smooth transition, and helping me out with any queries I had.

 2.2.      Secretary’s report (CH)

Even with all of the great events and organisation, the YCG bank account remains healthy however new funding opportunities are welcomed by the committee. We also welcome any volunteers and ideas for future outreach events.

3. Elections to the committee

3.1.      Vice Chair

NF steps down from the position of Vice Chair after his second year term.  One nomination for this position was received:

  1. Jonny Brooks-Bartlett, Oxford. Nominated by Ed Billby, seconded by SH.

The nomination was accepted with no objections.

3.2.      BSG representative

AP steps down as BSG representative on completion of her term.  One nomination was again received:

  1. Adam Crawshaw, Newcastle. Nominated by AW, seconded by SM.

The nomination was accepted with no objections.

3.3.      Ordinary Members

Three nominations were received for Ordinary Member positions:

  1. Giles Flowitt-Hill, Edinburgh. Nominated by LS, seconded by Natalie Johnson.
  2. Lucy Saunders (Continuing), Bath. Nominated by Mark Warren, seconded by SH
  3. Natalie Johnson, Newcastle. Nominated by Helena Shepard, seconded by SM

As three positions were available on the committee, all three nominations were accepted with no objections.

The new YCG committee is therefore comprised as follows:

  • Chair: Scott McKellar
  • Vice Chair: Johnny Brooks-Bartlett
  • Secretary: Claire Hobday
  • Webmaster: Pascal Parois
  • BSG Rep: Adam Crawshaw
  • CCG Rep: Jorge Sotelo
  • IG Rep: Anneke Klepijk
  • PSG Rep: Jerome Wicker
  • Ordinary Members:
    • Giles Flowitt-Hill
    • Lucy Saunders
    • Natalie Johnson
    • Sam Horrell

4. YCG and Outreach

4.1.      Future Activites

The YCG is constantly looking for outreach activites and how to best promote crystallography. It is discussed that we will be present at Diamond Light Source open days, and Big Bang Fair in Birmingham. The Cheltenham Science festival is suggested however, this proved expensive to run a successful stand.

In light of this, we are also looking for funding opportunities.

5. YCG Finance

The societies current financial position was outlined in the Secretary’s report.  Members were asked to let the committee know of any potential funding avenues that might be open to the YCG in particular for the support of the YCG satellite meeting held annually at the BCA Spring Meeting.

For funding, JB will put himself forward to I am a Scientist Get me Out of Here! And donate his winnings to the YCG.

6. ECM-YCG Satellite Meeting 2015, Croatia

ECM-YCG Satellite Meeting 2015 is to be held in Croatia this year. Abstract deadline is the 24 May. YCs are encouraged to submit abstracts for both oral and poster presentations, in the hope of continuing the high standards and quality of research set by previous satellite events.

7. Date of YCG AGM 2016

The next YCG AGM will be held during the YCG Satellite Meeting 2016 at the University of Nottingham.  This will most likely be held in the early evening on 4th April.

8. Any Other Current Business

Details of the autumn / winter meetings for the other Groups will be made available to the membership by the committee.

The committee requested that any YCs who do not regularly receive emails from the Group should provide their email address at the end of the meeting, so that an accurate membership email list can be created.

Mike Probert brings up the fact that the BCA are supporting the running of the YCG and that we as a society should strive to be as professional as possible and continue to maximise our outreach opportunities and support the ECM-YCG in Croatia and in years to come.

End of meeting, the YCG would like to thank the continued support of the BCA.