AGM April 2017 (minutes)

Minutes for the YCG AGM 2017
10th April 2017, University of Lancaster

Committee members present:

  • Sam Horrell (SH)
  • Elliot Carrington (EC)
  • Claire Hobday (CH)
  • Charlie McMonagle (CM)
  • Alex Cousen (AC)
  • Lucy Saunders (LS)
  • Natalie Johnson (NJ)

1. Formalities

1.1. Apologies for absence

These were from Jonny Brooks-Bartlett (JBB), Charlotte Kirk (CK), Giles Flowitt-Hill (GFH), Genevieve Baker (GB), Adam Crawshaw (AC).

1.2. Acceptance of agenda

This was presented by Sam Horrell and accepted by Lucy Mapp and Natalie Johnson.

1.3. Minutes of the YCG AGM 2016

These were accepted by SM and CH.

2. Reports

2.1. Chairman’s report (SM)

This years’ meeting has followed the now well established format developed over the past few years with two plenary speakers, Prof. Stefan Kaskel from the University of Dresden and Prof. Simon Coles from the University of Southampton, the flash poster presentations, an educational session featuring three keynote speakers and of course presentations from the members of the YCG. This Years’ educational session is “How the other half live”, aimed at giving an easily accessible introduction to the work undertaken by the different groups in the BCA. Tomorrows keynotes will be given by Matthias Gutmann (ISIS), Helen Playford (ISIS) and Jane Endicott (Newcastle). This year’s Parkin Lecture was awarded to Briony York from the University of Hamburg.

We have a number of Committee positions coming up for election this year with Jonny Brooks-Bartlett stepping down as vice chair and education and outreach coordinator, Adam Crawshaw stepping down as BSG rep and Giles Flowit-Hill, Lucy Saunders and Natalie Johnson stepping down as Ordinary members. I would like to thank them for all of their work in helping organise this meeting and all the other work they have been involved with.

Education and outreach in the YCG have slowed down a bit this year with the BCA going in a new direction in terms of E&O. Previously we have been involved in large outreach events such as the Big Bang Fair and the Cheltenham science festival. The new BCA E&O scheme focuses more on smaller local events and developing the infrastructure for them to be run on a regular basis and we hope to be heavily involved with this as it develops over the next few years. One example of this is at the university of Southampton where Jonny Brooks-Bartlett and the education and outreach coordinators have set up a schools outreach program with hands on practical experiments to run regularly rotating through local schools. Natalie Johnson has also submitted an application to the BCA outreach bursary fund to develop and run an interactive structure determination activity. And I recently presented at Café Scientifique on the topic of pseudoscience and crystallography. I would recommend that you all check out Café Scientifique, Pint of Science and I’m a scientist get me out of here if you are interested in getting involved in outreach outside of the BCA too.

We gratefully acknowledge sponsorship by the journal Crystals for this year’s 2017 YCG satellite meeting, and ongoing financial support by the BCA. As regards YCG funding, it is generally difficult to find suitable funding bodies to cover YCG activities, since we are not allowed to ask people or groups who already support the BCA, but we are happy to receive suggestions if anyone has any ideas. If so I suggest speaking to the new YCG committee.

As of writing this we have 1096 likes on the YCG facebook group (@YCG.BCA) and 192 followers on twitter which are updated semi-regularly but we could definitely try and increase the output to the website and other social media. We have a publications page on the website which is there for you all to help advertise your research so please get in touch with us about your recent research.

And finally if you aren’t already please join our mailing list so we can keep you updated on what is going on in the YCG over the next year.

2.2. Secretary’s report (CH)

Firstly I would like to report that the YCG bank account is still extremely healthy. In 2016 the YCG received a £500 donation from our current deputy chair Jonny Brooks-Bartlett, which took our account balance up to £537. This kind donation was the prize money he won from that year’s “I’m A Scientist” competition. We haven’t had any activity from the account this year and therefore the balance still stands at £537. Jonny requested at the time that his money be used to help finance outreach events, and in particular for it to be used to fund researchers to go into schools or to invite schools to visit an X-ray facility. Pupils for example could be involved in growing crystals, collecting data and then carrying out the processing. As these event unfortunately haven’t managed to be organised this year the funding is still available. I would like to encourage anyone who is keen to get involved in some outreach to talk to either Jonny or Alex, our current representatives for outreach.

Secondly, I would like to remind members that we are always looking for new ways to get funding for various events. We are quite restricted because we can’t use any of the sponsors of the main BCA, but suggestions of exploring academic journals or any instrument companies not currently affiliated with the BCA have previously been made. If anyone has any good ideas or potentially connections which will help establish some sponsorship links please come talk to me or any other member of the committee.

3. Elections to the committee

3.1. Deputy chair

Jonny Brooks-Bartlett steps down from the position of Deputy Chair after his 2 year term. One nomination for this position was received:

  1. Matthew Dunstan was nominated by Lewis Owen and seconded by CM.

The nomination was accepted with no objections.

3.2. BSG Representative

Adam Crawshaw steps down from the position of BSG Representative after his 2 year term. One nomination for this position was received:

  1. Natalie Tatum was nominated by SH and seconded by AC.

The nomination was accepted with no objections.

3.3. Ordinary member

GFH, LS, NJ step down as ordinary members. GB was also considering stepping down because of moving to the USA. Therefore a number of positions were available for nomination:

  1. Matthew Reeves was nominated by CH and seconded by CM.
  2. Lucy Mapp was nominated by SH and seconded by NJ.
  3. James Crumby was nominated by Lucy Mapp and seconded by CH,

All three nominees were accepted without objections.

The new YCG committee is therefore comprised as follows:

  • Chair: Sam Horrell
  • Vice Chair: Matthew Dunstan
  • Secretary: Elliot Carrington
  • Webmaster: Charlie McMonagle
  • BSG Rep: Natalie Tatum
  • CCG Rep: Claire Hobday
  • IG Rep: Alex Cousen
  • PSG Rep: Charlotte Kirk
  • Ordinary Members:
    • Matthew Reeves
    • Lucy Mapp
    • James Crumby

4. Lonsdale lecture

The BCA wants the YCG to make a decision earlier and several suggestions have been made by current BCA president Lee Brammer.
There was a call for any new nominations, particularly for any relevant female candidates

5. Date of YCG AGM 2018

Warwick, 26th March 2018

6. Any Other Business

A reminder to attend the IUCr in India was given by EC. It was however noted that there is no international YCG satellite meeting

A request for the YCG to become more than just the committee was also made. A reminder that our contact details are on the website and that if people have any ideas or want to get involved in something they should contact the committee or get involved with social media

10. Close of the AGM

The committee thank all members of both the BCA and YCG for attending the YCG AGM and thank everyone involved in organising the YCG satellite meeting. This marks the end of the satellite meeting and start of a productive BCA main spring meeting.