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Structure of Stuff is Sweet

During National Science and Engineering Week March 2012, the YCG held an outreach event on Crystallography in Reading, in association with the Thames Valley Branch of the British Science Association. We lured local pubgoers with the promise of sweets in exchange for an evening of crystallographic entertainment. Many people took the chance to try their… Read More »

2011 International School on Charge Density

The 2011 International School on Charge Density was held from the 30th August to the 4th September at the Zaragoza University Residence in Jaca, a small town located in the Pyrenees in north east Spain. The residence was a perfect location for the school and Jaca itself is very pretty with many sights and nice… Read More »

Crystallographers play with computers

The Mieres Crystallographic Computing School took place immediately before the IUCr in a town in north Spain called Oviedo. The school was a great success with delegates coming from all over the world from as far away advanced Japan. The school proved to be a great forum to exchange ideas within a specialist area of… Read More »

Madrid Mayhem

From the 22nd to the 29th of August, many crystallographers and young crystallographers united for the IUCr XXII Congress and General Assembly, held in the Palacio de Congresos in Madrid. The very hot temperatures outside did not stop the science, and over the 8 days we had 490 oral presentations and 1550 poster presentations to… Read More »

DREAMS of the Future

On 13th September, 2011, the Directed Assembly Network will be holding its first DREAMS of the Future event (DiREcted Assembly of MaterialS) targeted at early-career researchers. The aim is to help build cross-disciplinary networks of collaborators and promote work within the research fields covered by the Directed Assembly Network. The event will be held at… Read More »

Logo Design Competition

Logo design competition for the International Year of Crystallography – 2013 PRIZE: Apple iPad In 1912 Max Laue [Max von Laue from 1913 on the ennobling of his father] showed that X-rays were diffracted by crystals, and in 1913 W. H. and W. L. Bragg demostrated that the diffraction of X-rays can be used to… Read More »

IUCr 2011 – Workshop for Young Researchers

“Current Research on Molecular Structures and Chemical Properties – A Young Perspective” (Monday 22nd August 2011) This workshop, proposed by the ECA SIG 13 with help from the GIG 1 and supported by the IUCr Commission of Structural Chemistry is aimed to encourage the exchange of current experiences between different groups working in this area.… Read More »

YC Oral Presentation 2

Second session of the oral presentations of YC Satellite of BCA Spring Meeting. Here are the abstracts of their presentations: 1. Proton migration in molecular complexes of urea and its derivatives.      – Andrew Jones (University of Glasgow / Institut Laue-Langevin) 2. Synthesis and structural characterisation of multi-nuclear cages with ortho-palladated ligands      – Claire… Read More »

Future of the PhD created a new page focusing on the “Future of the PhD“. There are various sections but it mainly focus on the problem of having too many doctoral programmes, producing too many PhD graduates but there is a very small amount of academic jobs available. Does PhD system need reinvention? What do you think? There… Read More »