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Kari Rissanen talks with CrystEngComm

Professor Kari Rissanen is an Academy Professor at the Academy of Finland, where he is currently on leave from the University of Jyväskylä. He was first elected as Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry at University of Joensuu after completing his PhD in chemistry at the University of Jyväskylä.
His main interests lie in the fields of supramolecular […]

Crystallography Centennial Celebrations

Crystallographers everywhere have lots of reasons to celebrate in the years 2012-2014 for the centennial of Laue and the Braggs’ discoveries. Already this year there have been conferences held to highlight Laue’s contributions, such as the Laue Day held during the 20th Annual Meeting of the German Crystallographic Society. There will be many events in […]


The Asian Crystallographic Association (AsCA), Society of Crystallographers in Australia and New Zealand (SCANZ) and the Bragg Symposium are holding the AsCA 12/CRYSTAL 28 meeting in Adelaide between the 2nd-6th December 2012 to celebrate the important anniversary of the Braggs’ discoveries in X-ray diffraction.
The meeting features a range of sessions including non-ambient and in-situ diffraction studies, […]

30th Spring Meeting of the British Crystallographic Association

I recently attended the 30th annual Spring meeting of the British Crystallographic Association at the University of Warwick from 16th-19th April 2012. The program was chaired by Kirsten Christensen (University of Oxford), and included a broad range of lectures from all areas of crystallography.
The Young Crystallographers Group satellite opened the meeting. This is an excellent […]

CPOSS meeting

A few weeks ago, I attended the 6th annual meeting of the “Control and Prediction of the Organic Solid State” (CPOSS) project in the Old Refectory of University College London. The meeting was themed ‘Crystals or not – where do we go from here?’. There were over 100 delegates in attendance, with both academic and […]

Interview with Sally Price

Professor Sally Price works at University College London in the UK. Her group focuses on developing the accurate modelling of intermolecular and intramolecular forces, in order to predict which crystal structures of an organic molecule are thermodynamically feasible. These are contrasted with experimental searches for polymorphs in order to understand the factors which lead to […]

Rare Ag···H-B interactions in coordination polymers

Carbaborane C-H groups are acidic and so are able to form hydrogen bonding interactions as donors. This can be exploited in the use of carbaboranes as coordinating anions that can be involved in agostic interactions with diverse metal centres. Agostic and electrostatic interactions for Ag···H-B are very rare.
In this advance article, Luís Cunha-Silva and Michaele Hardie report the […]

Interview with Alessia Bacchi

Professor Alessia Bacchi completed her undergraduate and graduate studies at the University of Parma. After completing a two year post doc in the European Molecular Biology Lab in Hamburg, she returned to the University of Parma in October 1998. Since October 2001, Alessia has been Associate Professor in the Faculty of Science, investigating the supramolecular organization […]

2012 Gordon Research Conference on Crystal Engineering

The 2012 Gordon Research Conference on Crystal Engineering will be held in the Waterville Valley Resort, New Hampshire, USA from 10–15th June 2012.
The conference is chaired by Robin D. Rogers  alongside CrystEngComm Associate Editor, Christer Aakeröy  and Mike Zaworotko who are vice chairing). Sessions will include Nucleation, Crystal Growth, and Solid State Reactivity; Polymorphism and Crystal Structure Prediction; […]

European Crystallographic Meeting Bergen 2012

The 27th meeting of the European Crystallographic Association (ECM27) will take place in Bergen, Norway from 6–11th August 2012.
The program committee have organised a rich scientific program of microsymposia and keynote lectures, with invited talks by CrystEngComm Editorial Board member Mark Spackman (University of Western Australia), Neil Champness (University of Nottingham, UK), Paola Gilli (University of […]