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YC members’ research projects and recent publications.

YC Oral Presentation 2

Second session of the oral presentations of YC Satellite of BCA Spring Meeting. Here are the abstracts of their presentations: 1. Proton migration in molecular complexes of urea and its derivatives.      – Andrew Jones (University of Glasgow / Institut Laue-Langevin) 2. Synthesis and structural characterisation of multi-nuclear cages with ortho-palladated ligands      – Claire… Read More »

YC Oral Presentation 1

Missed the first YC session in BCA Spring Meeting? Here are the abstracts of their presentations: 1. Structural analysis of metal coordination complexes under pressure.      – Henry Wong (University of Nottingham) 2. 250 Structures later – Friendly Relationships in a Compound Family      – Susanne Coles (University of Southampton) 3. High-throughput metallo-protein analysis by… Read More »